“Why an Adult Model Embracing Celibacy Believes No Man Deserves Her Intimacy”

Neyleen Ashley, Adult Model Turned Celibate: Unveiling Her Journey of Self-Love and Empowerment


Neyleen Ashley, a prominent adult model and social media influencer with a staggering 3 million Instagram followers, recently made a courageous decision—to embrace celibacy. The 34-year-old model opened up about her choice and shared the reasons behind it.


In a candid interview with Nude PR, Neyleen expressed her frustration with real-life sexual encounters, highlighting how men she encountered were solely interested in her physical appearance rather than forming genuine connections. This realization came after her last breakup, where her ex-partner made it clear that he didn’t want to be a father or a husband, leaving Neyleen in a vulnerable position, having to find a new place to live and support her two children, aged 11 and 15, all while dealing with the heartbreak.

“The breakup and the pain I endured left a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to sex. The enjoyment and euphoria I once experienced have vanished,” Neyleen shared with honesty.


The model also revealed that her previous boyfriend ended their relationship shortly after she went through the devastating experience of a miscarriage, leaving her feeling unsupported and abandoned during a time when she needed him the most. Deeply affected by this incident, Neyleen, who bravely admitted to being a “recovering sex addict,” made a resolute decision to remain celibate and guard her body from any further harm.

Neyleen reflected on her experiences and expressed her concerns about engaging in intimate relationships, fearing that she might be used solely for sexual gratification rather than being appreciated for her true self. She strongly believes that sexual encounters transfer energies, and her recent years of engaging in casual sex left her feeling empty, unfulfilled, and unloved.

“I was like a rag doll, never fulfilled, never loved,” Neyleen confessed.

Opening up about her past struggles with sex addiction, she acknowledged the excessive dependence she had on sexual release to the point that it became debilitating. Neyleen described how her addiction confined her to her home, as she would spend hours masturbating multiple times a day to function properly. She likened it to a cigarette—an irresistible craving she had to satisfy to go about her day.

Additionally, the attention she sought from men, including sexting and exchanging explicit photos, provided her with short-lived dopamine hits. However, despite these experiences, Neyleen realized she was settling for crumbs from others instead of prioritizing self-love and true fulfillment.

Now, Neyleen has embarked on a journey of self-healing, self-love, and self-soothing. She has shifted her focus towards nurturing herself and redirecting the energy she once gave to others, prioritizing her own well-being and growth.

Neyleen’s story is an empowering testament to the transformative power of self-love and the courage to break free from destructive patterns. Her decision to embrace celibacy serves as a powerful reminder that personal fulfillment and genuine connections can be found within ourselves, rather than seeking validation from others.


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