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The South African football team who scored 41 own goals

It is not unusual to see footballers scoring own goals. A secure betting site Kenya is, and among its plenty of possibilities, it also allows punters to wager on the chance of an own goal.



Some teams have scored two or even three own goals in a single game. Of course, most of the time this is due to sheer bad luck. However, what happens when a team scores 41 own goals in the same match? Is it a case of bad luck or is there something else behind?




That’s exactly what happened in the fourth division of South African football. Some results of those matches are much more similar to the scoreline of a volleyball match rather than a football match. The most secure betting site is 1xBet Kenya, and punters can also get winnings when teams score their  own goals.

The South African football team who scored 41 own goals

Four teams involved

When the final match day of a football league comes, it is quite common that a team needs to score lots of goals in order to win a tournament. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Punters can find the top live betting sites Kenya – 1xBet welcomes new members who sign up and start to wager on different football leagues.


There are four protagonists in the incredible story that involved the last match day in the fourth division of South African football. They were:


  • Matiyasi FC;
  • Shivulani Dangerous Tigers;
  • Kotoko Happy Boys;
  • and Nsami Mighty Birds.


If you want to wager on Dangerous Tiger or a Happy Boy, make sure to visit the top live betting sites 1xBet Kenya and explore its odds opportunities.

Lots of goals

Matiyasi and the Tigers were the contenders for the competition’s title. On the final match day, they played against the Birds and Boys respectively. Matiyasi did the unthinkable. They destroyed the Happy Boys for a final score of 33-1. We are still not sure if the Happy Boys are still happy after this contest. The website is the best place to wager on high-scoring football contests.


The Tigers needed a miracle in order to take the title away from Matiyasi after their 33-1 match. And a miracle they had. The Dangerous Tigers used their paws, claws and teeth to win their match against the Mighty Birds for a shocking 59-1. Okay, that’s not really surprising. After all, in nature, it is more likely to see tigers eating birds than the other way around.

It was later discovered that the Tigers gave some “incentives” to the Birds so they would score 41 own goals in this final match. Before an own goal is scored, you can visit 1xBet in order to wager on that occurrence.


Eventually, the Tigers were reduced to small and harmless kittens, and the Birds had all their feathers removed. This is because all four teams were suspended and received life bans..



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