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Peter Okoye: My daughter just asked me if I love my wife


Peter Okoye has shared the conversation he had with his little girl, but it seems he got more than what he bargained for.

Talk about not having a deep thought before sharing the message, lol.


So the singer revealed to his millions of followers on social media that his little girl, just asked him if he loves her mother and he said YES.

He then concluded saying we needed to see the smile on her face. But then, alot of his followers had another interpretation for him.

My daughter called me on a video call here in Las Vega and asked me ‘Papa do you love mama? Y’all need to see the smile on her face when I said yes of course!”, Peter had announced.

She’s doubting the love you have for her mohter”. ”If she had not seen her mother cry, she wouldn;t have asked”, and the attacks went on and on.

One deliciouskitchen25 in particular wrote: For a child to ask their father such question probably means he/ she has seen their mother cry alot because of their father, such taught can’t easily run on a child whose parents are in happy terms always

Well on ufomesango said, the little girl just probably heard about what happened to her uncle’s marriage and then decided to ask him if he loves her mom.

Ufomesango wrote: She might just have heard of the uncle’s marriage



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