NAWA OO!!! Clothing brand auctions blood stained flag outfit for N142,000

The Social media users have expressed their disgust after a clothing brand puts up for sale a blood stained flag outfit at the cost of N142,000.

Many social media users are of the opinion that the brand is trying to profit from dead souls — a thing they say is unaceptable.

Some also commented on the price saying it is outrageous.

Others are of the opinion that it is disrespectful to innocent souls who lost their lives during the protest.

One @truthfulcommenter100 commented writing: Why is anyone profiting off this? Horrible

@nonye_mandy also said: what kind of rubbish is this, ·very disrespectful,annoying, people have lost their humanity, why would anyone want to make money out of this …

Guys, what are your comments on this

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