Liquorose and Emmanuel disappoint shippers as they debunk dating rumours

Reality TV stars, Liquorose and Emmanuel seem to have rubbed the faces of their shippers in the mud as they have jointly debunked any entanglement.




The duo who were blessed with so many goodies from their fans who appreciated the relationship currently existing between them would probably leave those shippers disappointed following their interview lately.

In a recent interview, Emmanuel noted that he and Liquorose are definitely on good terms but they aren’t dating.

“Liquorose and I are good, there is no need to keep talking about it. We are not dating. We both came into the house for a reason and we are going after it. But she is not my girlfriend.” Emmanuel asserted.




Liquorose in an interview with The Sun, also affirmed that she is open to true love but this would definitely come later as she is focused on achieving some worthwhile goals.

“Let’s see how it goes but I am open to true love and relationship! I am presently in a good place and taking my time before getting involved in any love or relationship. I really want to be focused now on achieving my different goals and ambitions,” She said

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