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Horrific moment a female student punches another girl 30 times while others laugh and watch

A high school student has violently attacked her classmate by punching her in the head over 30 times while other students watched and laughed.




In the graphic video of the incident which occured at a Nevada highschool, Las Vegas, the victim could be seen lifting her hands up to protect herself before laying her head on her desk while the attacker continues to hit her head.


As the attack continues, the teacher, extends arms to the attacker and yells: ‘Stop, stop, stop. Get off of her’

The video ends with the victim face still on her desk.  It is unclear the extent of the injury or what condition she is in.

The attack reportedly took place last week .

A parent, who shared the video online, wrote: ‘I am only sharing this simply to bring awareness to other parents or people for that matter, on how this sad joke of a school system ACTUALLY is.’

‘Save your kids! Pull them out of public school!’ another social media user wrote. ‘Don’t let your kid become the next Clark County School victim! Pull them the hell out and HOMESCHOOL!!!’





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