Guinness World Records crowns 24-year-old woman over 7ft as ‘tallest woman in the world

Rumeysa Gelgi

Turkish woman who stands at more than seven feet tall has set a new world record as the tallest female alive.



Rumeysa Gelgi, 24, from Karabük Province, Turkey, stands at a whopping 7 feet 0.7 inches, earning her a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the “tallest living woman”.



She has an exceptionally rare genetic condition named Weaver syndrome, which has accelerated her growth.


This isn’t the first time she has been featured in the Guinness Book of Records.


She was crowned “tallest teenager alive” in 2014.


Ms Gelgi uses a wheelchair because of some of the mobility issues created by her condition. However, she can also move around with the assistance of a walking frame.


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