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Chelsea’s biggest defeat in the English Premier League during the Abramovich era

“Chelsea” is a team that has consistently competed for the highest positions and all the trophies in the last two decades. But there have been failures in its history as well. By the way, you can watch football today with the participation of this club on the sports statistics website. Now the schedule of matches is very tight, which allows you not to miss important results.
One of the most controversial seasons for “Chelsea” was the 2018/2019 campaign. On the one hand, the “Blues” managed to win the Europa League, but on the other hand, the appointment of Maurizio Sarri did not justify itself. During the campaign, there were extremely painful results for the team. For example, 4-0 against “Bournemouth” and, the most offensive, 6-0 against “Manchester City”.


Chelsea biggest defeat

By the way, it is easy to follow today the football matches of this club on a proven platform. A long and busy season ahead, but you will now not miss a single match.
The 6-0 defeat was the biggest one for “Chelsea” in a long time. Many were certain that Sarri would be sent off immediately afterwards. However, the Italian was allowed to work until the end of the season.
This defeat was in the first place a serious moral blow. Due to the defeat, Sarri even forgot to shake Guardiola’s hand after the match. This is the best illustration of the shock of the situation.


The main reasons for the failure of the “Blues”

Chelsea’s biggest defeat in the EPL during the Abramovich era was the result of a complex of factors. However, the most important thing was that it prevented the team from falling into an even greater psychological hole. After that, the “Blues” results gradually began to improve. You can follow the live football scores of the team on a proven platform. Here, all the data is updated in real time.
So, as for the team’s biggest defeat in the EPL, its main reasons can be:
1. Psychological problems within the team. Just two weeks before that “Chelsea” had also
lost in a dramatic way to “Bournemouth”, which demonstrates that the team’s morale is not the best.

2. Sarri’s tactical miscalculations, who decided to play very open soccer with Guardiola, have made him pay for it.
3. The high individual class of “Man City” players. First of all, Sergio Agüero, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling.
Just a couple of months after that defeat, the Sarri era at “Chelsea” was over. You know very well what awaited the team in the future.
And if you follow the team’s football scores, then check out the live news on the sports statistics website. Here you will find current information that is updated regularly. So go to the web portal, and you will be able to keep your hand on the pulse.


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