#BBTitans: “Ipeleng caught my eye first” – Juicy Jay confides in Khosi (See Video)

Juicy Jay confides in Khosi

Juicy Jay finally confesses to his friend, Khosi that he has affection for Ipeleng and that she caught his eye first.


The Show began just 5 days ago and we can already see all shapes of ships starting to form. Upon entering the house, Juicy Jay moved to Yvonne, making it clear that he likes her, who seems to like him too.

An interesting turn of events catches Juicy Jay confiding in Khosi about his affection towards, Iepleng as well. Khosi had asked Juicy who caught his eyes first when he stepped into the BBTitans’ house.


Juicy says that Ipeleng caught his eye first because there is something about her. He also sees her more likes wife material. Yvonne, on other hand, he sees as a “slay queen” and just wants to “tap that”.


Watch details below;


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